About Inspired Mediation

Inspired Mediation & Arbitration provides affordable professional and experienced dispute resolution services, including mediation, to parties desiring to reach a voluntary and mutually acceptable settlement agreement.

When using mediation, the parties involved have more control over the process, cost and outcome – saving time, money and stress.

  • Pre-Suit Mediation
  • Business Contracts
  • Insurance
  • Construction
  • Elder Care
  • Real Estate, Foreclosures
  • Personal Injury
  • Employment, Labor-Management
  • HOA and Condominium
  • Premises Negligence
  • Divorce Asset Distribution
  • Workplace, EEO
  • Divorce, Family
  • Faith-Based Mediation

About Mediation

Divorce Mediation services are provided for couples divorcing with or without attorneys. The mediator narrows issues and facilitates communication for brainstorming and option building on all issues necessary in a divorce, such as child sharing, child support, division of assets, debts and alimony. The mediator helps the couple reduce the agreement reached in mediation to a Marital Settlement Agreement and assists them to complete the Florida Supreme Court Forms. Prior to the final signing, it is recommended that the parties consult separately with an attorney and accountant.

Divorce mediation stands out as one of the fastest growing areas for the use of mediation. Couples have the opportunity to create their own agreement. Sensitive issues such as, parental sharing, child support, division of assets, debts, and alimony, can be solved by the parties who are ultimately affected by the decisions reached. Couples are also finding the benefits of mediating divorces because of the financial savings, faster resolution and avoidance of the severe emotional stress associated with a “court battle.” More and more couples are going to mediators before going to attorneys.


Why Use A Business Trained and Certified Mediator?

Many mediators, including attorneys and retired judges, although having mediation experience, maintain that they can mediate any dispute. It’s true that they can mediate, but how well do they truly understand and are sensitive to both the obvious and the less obvious business issues, including Business Law? Few are.

In the business world there are numerous and specialized concerns. There are matters relative to all types of business entities. There are practices within the commercial business world, technical and contractual provision and the understanding of relationships among owners, investors, employees, vendors, creditors and others involved in business dealings.

Parties in a mediation should not have to spend time trying to explain these specialized concerns to the mediator in hopes that the mediator understands the business issues.

As someone who is both a mediator and an accomplished businessman, with more than 40-years of experience, I bring to the mediation process an understanding of the issues, concerns and complexities inherent in business matters.

This is an unquestionable way to assist in a more efficient, expedient and successful mediation process of the business issues, while not having the parties having to incur excess costs that may be involved.