Business Mediation

Many mediators, including attorneys and retired judges, although having mediation experience, maintain that they can mediate any dispute. It’s true that they can mediate, but how well do they truly understand and are sensitive to both the obvious and the less obvious business issues, including Few are.

In the business world there are numerous and specialized concerns. There are matters relative to all types of business entities. There are practices within the commercial business world, technical and contractual provision and the understanding of relationships among owners, investors, employees, vendors, creditors and others involved in business dealings.

Parties in a mediation should not have to spend time trying to explain these specialized concerns to the mediator in hopes that the mediator understands the business issues.

As someone who is both a mediator and an accomplished businessman, with more than 40-years of experience, I bring to the mediation process an understanding of the issues, concerns and complexities inherent in business matters.

This is an unquestionable way to assist in a more efficient, expedient and successful mediation process of the business issues, while not having the parties having to incur excess costs that may be involved.


Fees for Mediation and Arbitration Services

Mediation: $250/hourly; a two (2) hour minimum. Any additional amount of time will be charged at an additional hourly rate.

Arbitration: $350/hour; a two (2) hour minimum. Any additional amount of time will be charged at an additional hourly rate.

Retainer depends on the complexity and anticipated length of the business transaction to be negotiated or the case to be arbitrated or mediated.

FREE initial 30-minute meeting/discussion to discuss the process and pricing.

Checks, cash and credit cards accepted. No checks are accepted from individual parties.

The conferences are governed by the Mediation Confidentiality and Privilege Act as well as acceptable rules of procedure.