Mediation & Alternative Dispute Resolution

Patrick Cioffi provides mediation services, with the end-goal of the parties reaching a voluntary and mutually acceptable settlement. All work remains Confidential, except where required by law. A Judge or Jury will never know as much as you do about your own situation. The parties have more control over the process, cost and outcome, saving time, money and stress. More and more people are going to mediators before going to the courtroom.

Alternative Dispute Resolution or ADR includes mediation and is one of the fastest growing areas for use to resolve conflicts. The parties will have the opportunity to create their own agreement.

Mediations are private and the results are not part of the public record. Mediation can be scheduled within days of the initial telephone consultation. Mediation fees and costs are a fraction of attorney fees and court costs.

The process is informal, relaxed and less adversarial as compared to litigation and trial.

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Benefits Of Mediation

  • Avoids court appearances and litigation costs.
  • Insures the highest level of privacy.
  • All aspects addressed: Legal – Financial – Emotional – Parenting.
  • Addresses and emphasizes the needs of the family.
  • Effective, child-centered and sustainable co-parenting plans and agreements. Employs problem-solving techniques that foster efficient, fair and respectful resolution of issues.
  • Dramatically contains costs.
  • Allows you to retain control of the decision-making process.
  • Provides the maximum amount of flexibility and respect.
  • Helps the newly configured family to begin new lives in a more hopeful and healthy way.
  • The only model that provides a structure to address and provide private financial information, emotional support and guidance all within the same process.
  • Helps preserve respectful relationships after separation, divorce and business partnerships.
  • Assists engaged couples in creating fair and appropriate pre-nuptial agreements
  • An efficient and powerful tool to resolve Family Disputes, Business Disputes, Co-Parenting and Paternity
  • Dissolutions or Marriage and Dissolutions of Domestic Partnerships.

Mediation: Saves Time, Money And Stress.

Neutral Professional Assistance in Drafting Agreements

Sometimes in a business deal the parties wish to save on professional fees by utilizing a single neutral professional who can move the process along by helping the parties negotiate and arrive at a mutually beneficial agreement. At IMA, Patrick facilitates the parties’ discussion of the issues in question and prepares the business or corporate agreements and other documents to be executed by the parties.

Mediation & Arbitration of Business and Civil Disputes

Oftentimes parties in an agreement will waive the right to trial or there will be contract language specifying that all disputes must be resolved outside of court through an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process. These ADR clauses may either specifically call for mediation, binding arbitration or non-binding arbitration of any disputes arising from the agreement.

At IMA, Patrick is qualified to serve as your arbitrator (or on your panel of arbitrators) and is certified to mediate cases, whether the mediation occurs pre-suit, or at some point during the litigation process prior to trial, either upon order of the court or agreement of the parties.


NO! When you consider all the costs associated with a lawsuit, mediation is a bargain. The parties are free of all the costs associated with a trial, and as a bonus- you get certainty

Remember, trials are unpredictable. No one can guess what a jury (or even a judge) may decide. Mediators’ fees are almost always split between the parties; you’ll know the fee your mediator will charge prior to the mediation. 

Fees for Mediation and Arbitration Services

Mediation:    $250/hourly; a two (2) hour minimum. Any additional amount of time will be charged at an additional hourly rate.

Arbitration:  $350/hourly; a two (2) hour minimum. Any additional amount of time will be charged at an additional hourly rate.

Retainer depends on the complexity and anticipated length of the business transaction to be negotiated or the case to be arbitrated or mediated.

FREE initial 30-minute meeting/discussion to discuss the process and pricing.

Checks, cash and credit cards accepted. No checks are accepted from individual parties.

I’m going to Mediation – Now what?

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The conferences are governed by the Mediation Confidentiality and Privilege Act as well as acceptable rules of procedure.