When faced with a legal problem at their place of employment, many believe that their only option is to the take the matter to court being unaware of the benefits of mediation in employment law cases. Mediation is a legal alternative to costly and lengthy litigation and is beneficial to both employee and employer.

Our firm, Inspired Mediation Services, offers mediation services to both employees and employers. In our experience, mediation is sometimes the best way to quickly and affordably resolve a workplace-related legal dispute.

Mediation is an Alternative to Litigation

One of the biggest benefits of mediation in employment law cases is that it can often keep a matter from entering into litigation. Court cases can be long and expensive, costing both employee and employer an excess of time and money. A benefit of mediation is that it aims to resolve the issue before it ever has to go to court. Most matters can be settled in only a single mediation session, providing a solution without a long and costly court case.

Mediation Improves Communication

Another benefit of mediation in cases of employment law is its ability to improve communication between employer and employee. Mediation allows both parties to speak freely about the matter in a confidential, moderated session. This increased communication can improve workplace relations and allow the matter to be resolved without feelings of bitterness and resentment.

Mediation Provides a More Satisfying Resolution

Many who engage in mediation say it provides the benefit of a more satisfactory resolution to their legal matter, as compared to litigation. Employee and employer can work together to find a solution they both agree on without having to rely on a decision made by the courts. Those who have settled their employment law cases through mediation often say they would utilize the process again should they ever have the need, as it provided them with a more fulfilling resolution than they would have received if they had gone to trial.

Before taking your employment law case to court, it is important that you explore and consider the benefits of mediation. Polaris can help you examine your options and assist you in the mediation process.