Our Business Mediation is an instrument for conflict resolution in the business context. Dialogue and understanding of the problems between the parties involved with the presence of a third party, are an effective solution of the new alternative systems of business conflict resolution, mediation, even becoming a complementary instrument in the Public Administration for civil and commercial affairs. Our Business Mediation stands out for its ability to provide practical, effective and profitable solutions to certain conflicts between the parties involved in the conflict. It forms a fundamental role as an alternative to the judicial process or to the arbitration route, from which it must be clearly defined. It avoids major processes that emotionally and economically drain the parties, and favours alternatives to the judicial solution of the conflict. In Our Business Mediation, the essential piece is the mediator, since he is the one who helps to find a dialogue solution and voluntarily wanted by the parties. In this sense, the figure of an External Advisor with proven experience in Family Businesses is essential for a neutral intervention that facilitates the resolution of the conflict in an equitable way, allowing the maintenance of the underlying relationships and retaining control over the end of the conflict. Resolving business conflicts efficiently depends largely on the ability of the business mediator to diagnose and mediate them. It is essential that this contributes to previous experience in the factors that favour the appearance of conflicts and their forms of solution. You bale to hire Business mediation services at Miami-Dade FL.

Our business mediation activity unfolds in multiple and social spheres, requiring skills that in many cases depend on the nature of the conflict itself. The mediator must therefore have a general training that allows him to carry out this task and above all offers unequivocal guarantees to the parties for the civil liability that may be incurred. For this reason, my clients understand the central role for the good performance of my functions as a mediator and external advisor in relations with members of the business family and their governing bodies, so that in the voluntariness and free decision of my actions, I share with you the following commitment as a Code of Conduct and in which the parties respect the autonomy of will, expressing in our agreements the bases of my relationship with them in the following terms: trust, values and family spirit, transparency, confidentiality, respect, freedom of thought, effort and dedication, strategic vision, common sense, equity and moral justice. What advantages does mediation offer us? A quick and definitive solution that ensures the preservation of business relationships: Voluntary, fast, simple and low-cost service. The specialized solution in the subject matter of your conflict: Technical team of qualified mediators with capacity and proven experience in alternative conflict resolution. Mediators approved by the Chambers of Commerce. Easy access to justice, promoting communication and understanding between both parties: Confidential and trustworthy service so that companies find a friendly solution to their differences. Maximum legal certainty: Guarantee to act under the umbrella of the Chambers, as Public Law corporations. Click here to hire Business mediation services at Martin FL. The procedure may be initiated by submitting an application, by mutual agreement between the parties; from one of the parties in compliance with a pact of submission to mediation; of one of the parties, in order to invite the other party to submit to mediation, without prior agreement in this regard. In the case of extrajudicial mediation, the provisions of the agreements signed with the corresponding institutions will be followed. Upon acceptance of the request by the Chamber, a mediator will be appointed, communicating it to the parties so that they can make use of their right to justly challenge them. The parties may reach an agreement on the person who will act as a mediator, provided that the chosen one is part of the official list of mediators of the Chamber.

Informative session: The parties are summoned for the information session that may be held individually or jointly. The proposed mediator will inform the parties of the causes that may affect their impartiality, their profession, training, experience, the characteristics of the mediation, of the cost, of the organization of the procedure, of the legal consequences of the agreement, of the term to sign the articles of incorporation, and of the possible effects and incidences in the judicial procedure. of the requested mediation. Constitutive Session: If the parties agree to start the mediation and the mediator considers the matter to be mediate, they will summon the constitutive session. The parties will sign the Initial Act, which will express the will to participate and the acceptance of the duty of confidentiality. The Initial Act will state expressly, the identification of the parties, the designation of the Chamber as a mediation institution, the object of the conflict that is submitted to mediation, the program of actions and maximum expected duration, the cost, the declaration of voluntary acceptance of the mediation and its derived obligations, the place of celebration and language of the procedure, the term to sign the constitutive act. They will consist of joint or individual interviews of the parties with the mediator. Mediation can end in full or partial agreement or end without reaching an agreement. In any case, the mediator will write the final Act, accrediting the number of sessions and other fundamental aspects such as the parties involved the assistants and concisely the total or partial agreements reached or the cause of termination. It will be signed by all the parties, by the mediator and the advisers who have intervened. Click here to hire Business mediation services at Broward FL.

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