The Family Mediation Service in cases of separation or divorce is a service in which couples request or accept the intervention of a third person, “mediator”, in order to reach agreements that allow them to reorganize their relationship as parents, clarify and identify common interests, and, in this way, establish a negotiation that leads to satisfactory agreements for the whole family and especially for the children. At the Inspired Mediation Services, we are convinced that many family conflicts can be resolved without having to resort to the courts. When hostility and disagreement in the couple make you make the decision to start your divorce proceedings, Family Mediation can make this process less traumatic. Do you want your separation or divorce process to be carried out with cooperation and consensus? This is the ideal situation. However, it is sometimes difficult to treat it with the necessary abstraction and objectivity. In separation or divorce processes, disagreement situations can cause you to make wrong decisions, based on resentment. These situations increase the conflict and cause the divorce and separation processes to be blocked. To resolve these types of situations and make your divorce as bitter as possible, you can use Family Mediation. This technique offers you the possibility of reaching satisfactory agreements that reflect the needs and interests of both parties. Click here for Family mediation in cases of separation and divorce services in Palm Beach FL.

Family Mediation is a very effective procedure to avoid major conflicts and shorten times. It facilitates communication between the parties to a divorce and, although it is not possible to carry it out in all cases, it is a route that we always advise in our Law Firm in Broward FL. This method of conflict resolution in the family sphere has many advantages over the judicial route.  Set aside the causes of divorce to focus the members of the couple on the solution to their conflict. It facilitates agreements by shortening the times that, through the judicial channel, are longer. It reduces the economic cost of divorce. It favours emotional stability, reducing the psychological wear of the parts. It prioritizes the well-being of the members of the family unit. Express Divorce based on the Mediation of a professional. Sometimes, a couple is able by itself to agree when it comes to ending their relationship in a definitive way. However, when relationships are impaired, the professional help of a Mediator is needed to bring the points of agreement to the fore and dilute the discrepancies so that the divorce procedure is satisfactory to both parties. Family Mediation makes your divorce fast and has the lowest possible costs facilitating the judicial work. Turn your divorce process into a real Express Divorce. The greatest advantage of resorting to professional Family Mediation is that the final solution is the result of an agreement. The parties assume this agreement voluntarily, without external impositions, so compliance with the agreement generates positive feelings and greater acceptance than if it had been granted by the unilateral decision of a judge. If you plan to go to the Family Mediation services for your divorce, you will be interested to know that: Everything you discuss in the sessions is strictly confidential. The mediator is an impartial figure who abstracts himself. It is placed in an objective position and equidistant from the parties. He has a close attitude and a conciliatory tone to promote consensus. It addresses the needs of the parties. The agreements are obtained by consensus of the parties, both must agree. It proposes viable alternatives for conflict resolution. The most common cases in which our Family Mediation service is sued are aimed at obtaining agreements during a divorce process. However, our mediation professionals are increasingly used at other times in family life. Family Mediation is a very useful resource in family circumstances in which important decisions must be made, which will affect the family nucleus: Communication problems in the family unit. Intergenerational conflicts between parents and children. We provide the best divorce and family mediation in Martin FL. We are the best law firm for Divorce and family mediation in Florida. When using mediation, the parties involved have more control over the process, cost and outcome – saving time, money and stress.

Mediation according to the Divorce Law is established as a complementary voluntary resource for out-of-court settlement of family disputes through mutual agreement, in which, through the intervention of an impartial and neutral mediator, the aim is to reach an agreement in the couple regarding the separation of property, custody of the children, visitation regime and, finally, in all the most important points of a separation or divorce. It is also established that the spouses by mutual agreement can request the suspension of the process of judicial separation or divorce, according to the article of Law of Civil Procedure, to submit to mediation. The judicial authority thus seeks, among others, to promote rapprochement between the parties, mitigate the traumatic aspects of the litigation, promote compliance with the agreements or measures adopted, lower the costs of the divorce process for both the public administration and the parties, and promote agreements that favour the minors involved in the litigation. Parallel to the state legislation on mediation in the Divorce Law, there are also in several Autonomous Communities their own mediation laws that specifically regulate the conditions under which it must be carried out. In general, the mediator is a professional expert in psycho-socio-family actions, that is, usually lawyers, psychologists, workers and social educators or accredited and registered social graduates in the institutions established by the specific law. The principles of family mediation are normally based on the willingness of the parties to submit to or desist from the mediation, on the confidentiality with respect to the information evaluated, on the impartiality and neutrality of the acting mediator, on the good faith of the parties, in the personal participation of the mediator and the parties, and in the protection of minors and dependent persons. Inspired Mediation & Arbitration provides affordable professional and experienced dispute resolution services, including mediation, to parties desiring to reach a voluntary and mutually acceptable settlement agreement in Miami-Dade FL.  Click here to contact for Divorce and family mediation in Florida.

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